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Soorikian Architecture was begun in 1999 by architect, Karen Soorikian.  Our projects can be found throughout Atlanta, Georgia and in Alabama.  Karen strives to respond to the client's wishes and needs with comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces.  The planning of spaces with great flow is of utmost importance in our work.  Throughout Karen's design process, the experiential quality of moving through the spaces is always in the forefront of her mind.  

Our architectural services include residential renovations, as well as new home construction.  Since many of our projects have been in designated historical districts in Atlanta, we have gained expertise in ushering our designs through the certification process.  Our goal in renovation projects is to update older homes with modern needs while retaining the character and integrity of the original architecture of the exterior.  For many families, it is fun to create an eclectic environment that fuses "new" and "old."  Many times, with homes that are 60 to 100 years old, the project requires returning the home to a more original character after unfortunate changes have been made through the years. 

After working at the offices of Stanley Tigerman in Chicago, Illinois, Karen Soorikian attended Georgia Institute of Technology and earned a master's degree in Architecture in 1994.  Her undergraduate studies earned her a bachelor's degree in History.  This provided the opportunity to teach Architectural History at Georgia Tech under noted historian, Elizabeth Dowling.  Karen did her internships under Surber, Barber, Choate and Hurtlein Architects and Peter Block Architects in Atlanta.  She became a registered architect in 2000. 

Soorikian Architecture provides design services for a variety of scopes and budgets.  We would love to talk with you about your project.  Feel free to call us at 404.723.0927.
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